William Humphrey, MD

William Humphrey, MD received his medical degree from the University of Tennessee at Memphis. Dr. Humphrey has been associated with Putnam Radiology since 1974 and is a founder of Premier Diagnostic Imaging.

As the senior radiologist at Premier Diagnostic Imaging, Dr. Humphrey could think about slowing down, but he is having too much fun to even consider it!  "The new technology is fascinating, and makes us more capable of finding disease.  We can't begin to imagine the imaging capabilities in the future, and I am very optimistic about medicine and mankind," says Dr. Humphrey.

Dr. Humphrey has witnessed many drastic changes in radiology since his career began with an internship during the Vietnam War.  When Premier Diagnostic Imaging was developed, "We knew that we could do it better - patient care , state of the art equipment, and a technical staff with specialized accreditations."  Why is it successful?  "The radiologist hire good people and provide the best equipment and service to our patients.  A reputation has been built over the years, and patients want to return here for care."


doctor humphrey